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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Wake up to a nice storm, not a problem, got a truck to drive me around.  3 days to go on high idle and counting down to NEW YEARS EVE at the Nordic Spa in Chelsea.

0800-0900 Starting the day with a great 3k swim at DDH working on end of swim portion.
              m-s 6x300 Build up by 100's to all-out
                                {1x swim 1:20/1:15/1:10
                                {1x pull/paddle 1:15/1:10/1:05

1200-1300 Yoga X (P90X)  Little note, every time I do this workout, I think I will be better, stronger in the posture, but yet every time I end up with shacking knees, soaked head to toe, slipping on the mattress from the sweat.  Oh Joy!  Love it and Hate it too.  Plus all the push ups, Tony Horton always say, "do it or not, your choice."  I always pick on doing them and every time I ask myself the same question, why to I do them, I can do a tonne of push-ups later, lets concentrate of Yoga right now, but yet I still can't stop myself from doing them.

1700-1800 Bricks at DDH
                   m-s 5x {4mins spin
                              {3lap run @ 48sec/lap

Back to LEAP, so excited to go to a great place with great peoples
0530-0630 Spin at LEAP
0800-1000 Swim
1500-1600 11k Run

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