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Friday, December 28, 2012


Early morning at LEAP for the second last spin workout of the year.

0530-0630 Spin
                  Long hill endurance trg

0800-1000 Swim Recovery

Cancelled the run as I felt pretty cold and tired after spending many hours outside cleaning the driveway and prep Stella's Ice rink.

Question asked today while swimming was about "Total Immersion Swimming":  For those of you who arent completely aware of the term TI Swimming, it is a method of swimming which makes you move through water more efficiently using less energy and focusing on balance and streamlining in the water.  So basically, it is a method that focus on less drag, hydrodynamic streamline swimming.  There is a video about TI Swimming:

My opinion on TI Swimming, it is a great technique, but possibly hard to learn on your own.  You can always try, but there are some crucial elements to take in consideration and must be mastered prior to spend time modifying your technique.  You must work on rotation of the shoulder, you must have an efficient kick, enhance core strength and increase shoulder flexibility.

Some technique focus:
- Release your head's weight into the water to have perfect alignement;
-Focus more on using your hand to lengthen your bodyline, less on pushing the water back
-Relax your legs until the kick blends easily with your stroke;
-Swim more quietly - minimize waves and splash;
-Strokes Count;
-Imagine your hands to be like anchors, instean od paddles,  Dont push water, but rather pull yourself along on each stroke.

In my experience, TI Swimming is a good method to finish the swim portion without killing yourself in the mean time, but you probably wont come out of the water first unless you control the technique at 100%.

0700-0900 Spin at LEAP
1200-1300 Core workout
1600-1700 11k Run

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