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Sunday, December 30, 2012


So I woke up to the sunshine also known as Stella, and we played for hours before my morning Stake Ski adventure.  So for those who didn't know, it was pretty cold outside.  The Weather Network says -15 but also in small characters -25 with the wind chilled which truly makes a world of deference.  That being said, I ware everything I own and I was ok.  So my friend Patricia Careau (owner of LEAP High Performance) and I got in the truck and drove to Jubilee Lodge where we started our day trg on ski, for the first time this year for me and first time in few years for her.  We both looked great wearing lots of clothes and trying hard not to look stupid, lol.  We encountered few peoples, the first one we saw didn't even ware gloves believe it or not.  We also quickly met a couple who the boyfriend decided that his gf need to start skiing for her very first time on a day at -25.  I truly which she enjoyed her day because its really hard to pass over that 20km/h wind that suck the warmth out of you and your eyelash which sticks together every time you blink.

1030-1130 Skate Ski on base.

1200-1300 Core workout.


Cross-Country Ski to improve you performance as an Endurance Athlete.  As a teenager alot of triathlon usto ski as a cross training activity to improve or maintain the hard word on the bike and run they have done in the warm season.  Personally money was the issue as the sport is not always the cheapest and also because I was training full time as part of a high performance swim team and also full time in a triathlon club.  Therefore I started doing x-country ski later in my life.  And now I can say without the shadow of a dougt, that it help, and it does more then I use to think.  Skate ski help you to find and maintain a balance as you almost never move on 2 legs, making you shift you balance from one side to another constantly.  You use the main muscle that you use in running and cycling and even more.  When you start you will think that you have found some muscle never used before.  It also work very hard on your cardio while doing completely different things that your doing daily.  Finally the scenery is always great.

If your not convinced go read this article and maybe it will captivate you interest.  Click here for the article.

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