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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Started the day with a 1500m swim Time Trial.  So after a quick warm-up, I started the test and the result is 19m59s13.  Check out the graph or view the detailed results here:

0500 Reveillee
0615-0700 Swim total 2.5k
0700-0800 Yoga at DDH w Jessica Merten (PSP Staff) great class BTW, thanks to Jess.

Couple hrs of rest

1330-1530 Bricks (Bike/run) at DDH
                  5mins w-u
                  20min spin/5lap run
                  16min spin/4lap run
                  12min spin/3lap run
                  8min spin/2lap run
                  4min spin/1lap run
                  5min c-d

0700-0800 Roller (high cadence, surges work)
0800-0900 9k run (outside)

1200-1300 3k swim Recovery
1300-1400 xtrg (core/legs)

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