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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So this morning I manage to sleep in ish!

0700 Reveille

0830-0930 Cycling on my roller watching Tour de France 2008 Stage 4 (Individual TT) and Stage 8 lil boring flat stage with almost nothing to see.

                   m-s 6x {2min High Cadence 110RPM & High Resistance
                              {5min Normal Cadence 90RPM & Low Resistance & practicing roller tricks (left hand off/right hand off, no hands, standing climb)

1000-1045 9k Run (outside in the slush)
                  w-u 2k
                  m-s 10x {30sec @ 115% of race pace / 30sec easy}
                           8x {35sec @ 110% of race pace / 25sec easy}
                           6x {40sec @ 105% of race pace / 20sec easy}
                  c-d 2k

1200-1300 2,5k Swim Recovery from yesterday's TT
                   w-u 800m long loose (lost of drills)
                   m-s Activation 3x200 IM desc 1-3 to all out
                                          3x100 IM desc 1-3 to all out
                   c-d 800m SKPS by 200

1315-1415 Xtrg all core

0615-0700 Swim
0900-1000 Yoga X
1330-1500 Bricks (bike/run) at DDH

Click here to see the schedule of my trg camp

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