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Sunday, January 27, 2013


WORDS OF THE WEEK: 12 hrs of classes par day, what a freak show.

MONDAY 21 JAN 2013
0530-0615 Circuit Trg

1800-1900 Indoor Cycling mid Z3
1930-2000 Crossfit WOD

0530-0615 5k Run Intervals

1915-1945 Mobility WOD
2000-2100 3.5k Swim Z2

0530-0600 Circuit Trg

1700-1800 Indoor Cycling mid Z3 Jumps

0530-0600 Circuit Trg

1900-1930 5k run w drills & 30/30s
1930-2000 Core
2000-2015 Kipping PUs prog.

FRIDAY 25 JAN 2013
0530-0630 Circuit Trg

2000-2100 3k swim Z3 trg

0800-1000 5k swim practice with the Titans Swim Club

1330-1430 Indoor Cycling (Cause & Effect)
1445-1530 6k Run low intensity

SUNDAY 27 JAN 2013
1530-1630 Mobility WOD

I always say its good to try defrent things, but I'm not sure it applies to McD...'s coffee.  I mean, its not rocket science, making coffee, put filter, add coffee grinds, and place in coffee maker.  How can you mess this up?

Saturday, January 19, 2013


MONDAY 14 JAN 2013
0730-0830 Spin Pyramid Z3 Trg
0830-0900 Crossfit WOD Upperbody
0900-0930 Mobility Trg Plan

1200-1300 Swim 2.4k Sighting/Head up drills

0615-0700 2k Swim T9 (as many lap as possible in 9 mins) 725m
0700-0730 Core Trg
1300-1400 7k Run Minute Madness

0530-0630 Spin mid, top Z3 & Max effort trg
0630-0730 Crossfit WOD very tuff, check out the picture

0730-0745 Mobility trg (legs & shoulders)

Then got to drive to CFB Gagetown, a great 12hrs of my life I will never have back.  I stopped in Montmagny around Quebec City for the night, got a nice room for less then 100$ no credit card involve and free coffee.  Then went to a Cafe where you can have coffee served in a bowl, check it out.

0530-0600 5K Run Z2
2000-2100 Core/Mobility trg

FRIDAY 18 JAN 2013
Pre test for the crse, (all good)
1830-1930 Spin Z2 Active Recovery
2000-2100 2.2k Swim Z2 Active Recovery

0800-1000 4.4K Swim Fartlek trg
1830-1930 Spin Seated Climb trg
1945-2015 5k Run Z2 Active Recovery

SUNDAY 20 JAN 2013
0900-1000 Ski

Monday, January 14, 2013


Lap swimming... most swimmers follow a general code of conduct while swimming laps or doing their swim workout. I have a general set of rules for lap swimming or swimming etiquette.  This is something I have been noticing over the last few months and thought I would fill you in on lane swim etiquette!  Unless you've been a swimmer for many years, no one is ever there to let you know about these here it is...

Choosing a LaneYou get to the swimming pool, change into your swim suit, and walk out on the pool deck...

  • Watch the Pool - The first step is choosing the right lane. Take a few minutes to watch what is going on in the pool, read any pool or lap swim rules, get your swim gear (kick board, pull buoy, paddles, etc.), and start thinking about which lane you are going to swim in today. Consider:
  • Lane Assignments - If lanes are pre-assigned to fast, medium, and slow swimmers, step one is to figure out where you fit. What is your swimming pace? My rough rule of thumb is fast about 1:30/100m, medium is about 2:00/100m, and slow is 3:00/100m.
  • Numbers of Swimmers in a Lane - Assuming the lanes that you should swim in based on speed have no one in them, than it makes no difference which lane you choose. But, if one lane has a swimmer in it and one is empty, swim in the empty lane. Be ready to share it if needed, but don't force the swimmer that got to the pool before you did share a lane if it is not necessary.
  • Speed and Skill Level - If the lanes you would use are occupied, watch how the swimmers in those lanes swim. Which swimmer or swimmers look like the best match for what you do when you swim? Which would interfere with you the least, and which would you interfere with the least? Is one lane doing a lot of 50s, another doing longer swims? Is one lane doing a lot of different strokes, another doing a lot of freestyle drills, and another doing straight freestyle swimming?

Getting in the LaneYou have figured out which lane you want to use. What comes next?

  • Entering a Lane - Now that you have decided which lane you are going to use, sit down on the side of the pool and hang your legs in the water, off to one side of the lane, and let the swimmer(s) in the water complete a few more laps before you get in the pool. The idea is to let them know you are there - give them fair warning - and give them the chance to stop and confirm how the lane is going to work once you start swimming.
  • Circle Swimming vs. Splitting the Lane - If the swimmer(s) stops, ask if they want to circle or split the lane (if there are already two swimmers in the lane you must circle swim, and all of the swimmers need to know that circle swimming is starting). If they don't stop, then follow the same pattern they are using. Not stopping is a breach of etiquette! Stopping for 5-seconds in a lap swim will not ruin a workout, even though all of us think it will.

    Splitting the lane is dividing the lane in half, with the center line on the bottom of the pool marking no-man's land. You swim on your half of the lane no matter which direction you are swimming.

    Circle Swimming clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  The center line on the bottom of the pool is still marking no-man's land.

SwimmingNow that you know circle or split, it is time to start swimming!

  • Pushing Off of the Wall - When you leave the wall to start swimming, be sure to give the swimmer ahead of you adequate space. Don't push off immediately after they do or you will be hitting the swimmer's feet, which is no fun for anyone - and is a signal that you want to pass them... if you want to pass them that soon, you may have picked the wrong lane. Start conservatively; give yourself time to get into the flow of the lane, and to get into your workout.  On the other hand, don’t push off just before they do, if they are faster than you, they might hit you off the turn or have to pass you immediately after the turn.
  • Choice of Swimming Stroke - If you are ahead of someone, and you switch strokes, and the results in you going slower and getting caught from behind, it may have been better etiquette for you to make that switch after the other swimmer passes you. When you change strokes, think about how that impacts the way the lane is working for everyone (yes, lap swimming with others doing different workouts can take some thought, but it works).
  • Turning - If you are splitting the lane, how you turn makes no difference to the other swimmer in your lane as long as you stay on your side of the lane. If you are circle swimming, then you should aim for the left side of the lane as you turn and push off in a straight line. You are swimming toward the wall on the right side of the lane. When you are a few meters from the wall, shift your aim for the left side of the wall, turn on the left side of the wall "T" and push off in a straight line on the new right side of the lane.
  • Stopping - If you are going to stop while lap swimming, only stop on the wall; stopping mid-pool can cause problems. As you approach the wall, swim straight into the right corner of the wall, on the right side of the wall "T" and compress yourself into that corner, yielding as much wall space as possible for other swimmers to use for turns.  Stay of the “T”
  • Passing Other Swimmers - Unless all of the swimmers in a lane are perfectly tuned to each other, one swimmer is going to catch up to another one. When that happens, one or two gentle taps on the foot ahead of you tells that swimmer in the lead that the swimmer behind them wants to pass (hitting that foot 20 times, grabbing it, etc - bad, bad etiquette). Lap swim etiquette is for the swimmer being passed to stop at the next wall, allowing the other swimmer to do a turn a pass them, then the passed swimmer resumes swimming (this may not be the case in competitive swim workouts - talk with the coach). It is OK for a swimmer that wants to pass to cut across a lane and change direction instead of doing the foot-tap and wall pass, but the swimmer doing so needs to be fully aware of what is happening around them so no other swimmers get clobbered!
  • Not Lap Swimming in Lap Swim Lanes - Someone doing water aerobics, water running, socializing - not lap swimming in lap swim lanes - is a breach of etiquette during lap swim hours unless the non-lap-swimmer has permission from pool management. If that is the case, then all must be forgiven. Either way, there is not much you can do, you cannot really share a lane with that non-lap swimmer, and if the pool management will not do anything about it, you should not take matters into your own hands. Pick another lane for your swim workout.
  • Get Your Own Gear - When you arrive at the pool, you should get your own swim gear (kick board, flippers, pull-buoy). Be sure to use only your own gear. Don't use other's swim gear; they may have adjusted the fit in advance or have a specific type they prefer; worst of all, if you use another's gear, and there is no replacement gear for them to use, a major etiquette breach will have occurred.

One more lap swimming rule, not on the list, is common sense. If you would not like it to happen in your lane when lap swimming, then don't do it!

Swim On!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


MONDAY 07 JAN 2013
I was suppose to be on leave still but it turned out I got to cut short my vacation taking, got to get ready for a career course starting next week at CFB Gagetown, NB.

0530-0630 Spin (Seated/Stand flat, Jumps, Seated/Stand climb) Repeats trg. from mid Z3 to mid Z4.
0630-0730 Crossfit WOD (Squats) Best 5 reps of the day 195lbs;
                   Core (variety of plank form);
                   Shoulder stabilizer muscles exercises.

1200-1300 Swim was cancelled, paperwork to be done a work.

Woke up and the legs are completely destroyed but in a good working way.  So here comes a day with a hard swim and a intense run workout.  Plans are dedicated to change, or is it?

0615-0700 Swim 2.1k Active Recovery with few pace 100's
0700-0730 Core 8mins plank front/sides
                           300 reps

1130-1200 Run 5.5k kept HR Top Z2 at good pace 4:45

My legs were double ouch today, that means tomorrow will be better right?

0530-0630 Spin Z5 Short Interval Repeat Trg
0630-0715 Crossfit Muscle ups progression
0715-0800 Nutrition Briefing (Paleo)

1200-1300 Swim 2.5k Active Recovery
1500-1530 Stretching testing

0630-0730 Spin Z2 Active Recovery
0730-0800 Core Trg
0800-0830 Crossfit (Invisible Fran)

1200-1245 2k Swim Intensity trg (50's with decreasing rests)

1515-1600 7k Run Top Z2 trg

FRIDAY 11 JAN 2013
0530-0630 Spin Climbing Surges & Endurance trg
0630-0730 Crossfit WOD (deadlift trg)

1200-1245 2k Swim Active Recovery

0730-0930 Spin mid Z3 & mid Z4 trg
1000-1045 6k Run (tabata run)

1600-1645 2k Swim Active Recovery

SUNDAY 13 JAN 2013

Saturday, January 05, 2013


MONDAY 31 DEC 2012
Started the day with a great Breaky with my in-law.
1230-1315 Nice and relax Skate Ski at Fitzroy Harbour Provincial Park.
Then a great early evening dinner before going to the Nordic Spa to relax and celebrate the NYE 2013 count down.
Rest day with some special active recovery.  I like to call it "The Stella Woorkout"
This is a Stella Pull Forward:
and this is a Stella Launch & Catch

GREAT NEWS:  LEAP High Performance (Patricia Careau) and I have formalized our relationship, she will be coaching me to help reaching my professional goals.  The Training Program is coming together and some changes on the way I have been training will be applied for the best.  Thanks to Patricia and LEAP for their engagement in my goals and dreams and for the future hard work and success we will accomplish together.

0530-0630 Spin Seated/Standing Climb trg
0630-0730 Crossfit WOD (HSPU/Chin Ups)

0630-0730 PGH SPIN CLASS Z4 Seated Flat trg
0800-0830 5k Run no intensity
1200-1300 3k Swim 200's repeats

0530-0630 Spin Top Z2 intensity trg
0630-0730 Crossfit WOD (Tabata SHS/Burpees) Repeats for number
1200-1300 2.5k Swim 2000m pace work

0700-0900 Spin Top Z4 repeats trg (slow & fast feet)
0910-0940 5.7k Run variable pace Z2 repeats

Family day

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


A quick review of 2012 is needed to close this chapter and carrion with the new year.

TRAINING: It was a !ON, OFF AND ON AGAIN! constantly this year with exercises, course overseas, and to top it off, a big injury that would stop the racing season before it even started.

RACING: Got reduced to some C race, not expecting anything.  That being said I still had some good performances that made this season worth it and help me keeping the moral up and have a good summer after all.

INJURY: Got a good crash in Trenton which rendered my bike to a pile of rubble and crushed my left shoulder.  Suffering from a bad shoulder dislocation, crushed head of humerus, several torn ligaments, and many lacerations, and contusion to the hands and face.

After a shoulder surgery, and many hours of physio and others therapist I can finally say that I'm back on track, I still didn't gain every range of motion as before, which I probably never will, but it's pretty good anyway.

IN AUG: I reconnected with an old friend with who I use to coach with for the Petawawa Predators Swim Club.  Patricia Careau is the owner of the greatest gym I have ever been part of, LEAP HIGH PERFORMANCE.  At this point I started working with her to become a Spin Instructor and eventually to start coaching classes there too.  These last few months training and coaching with people who are interested to work hard and know about the sport was a true inspiration and revive some old dream which defined my goals for the many years to come.

This New Year comes with a lot training and racing.  The major races will be:
- Peterborough Half Ironman Distance;
- Mt Washington Hillclimb; and
- Muskoka Ironman 70.3.