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Tuesday, January 01, 2013


A quick review of 2012 is needed to close this chapter and carrion with the new year.

TRAINING: It was a !ON, OFF AND ON AGAIN! constantly this year with exercises, course overseas, and to top it off, a big injury that would stop the racing season before it even started.

RACING: Got reduced to some C race, not expecting anything.  That being said I still had some good performances that made this season worth it and help me keeping the moral up and have a good summer after all.

INJURY: Got a good crash in Trenton which rendered my bike to a pile of rubble and crushed my left shoulder.  Suffering from a bad shoulder dislocation, crushed head of humerus, several torn ligaments, and many lacerations, and contusion to the hands and face.

After a shoulder surgery, and many hours of physio and others therapist I can finally say that I'm back on track, I still didn't gain every range of motion as before, which I probably never will, but it's pretty good anyway.

IN AUG: I reconnected with an old friend with who I use to coach with for the Petawawa Predators Swim Club.  Patricia Careau is the owner of the greatest gym I have ever been part of, LEAP HIGH PERFORMANCE.  At this point I started working with her to become a Spin Instructor and eventually to start coaching classes there too.  These last few months training and coaching with people who are interested to work hard and know about the sport was a true inspiration and revive some old dream which defined my goals for the many years to come.

This New Year comes with a lot training and racing.  The major races will be:
- Peterborough Half Ironman Distance;
- Mt Washington Hillclimb; and
- Muskoka Ironman 70.3.

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