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Monday, March 11, 2013


There truly is no place like home. 

  No matter how many times you leave, no matter how old you are, there's nothing like going back home. After few months away, I finally  return home for awhile I hope and enjoy the company of my family and training buddies. 

  For me, when I'm home to Petawawa, I can spend time with my family and go back to a regular training schedule, as you know the military love to make us busy and make us spend all the time we have waiting around for something to happen.

  Well the course I just came back from as the perfect example of what the military is all about.  A bunch of cliche like; hurry up and wait, on the bus off the bus, etc.  Most of the time spent pulling your hair out, and when you have none left, you pull your roommate's.

  But finally, here I am, home!  Home to my beautiful daughter and wife, my great dog, and toys and training facilities and partners I like so much.

The last week in Gagetown was a true test of my internal chi, practicing breathing techniques and perhaps meditation to help keep my nerves in check.  Training suffered greatly as we were left behind or forgotten, do this to me once, I can respectfully take apologies, but do it twice and I get mad, I mean really mad and in order to keep peace, its better for me to hold my tongue which take a lot of energy and self talk.

First Monday back home I get to have a nice little pees test, lovely.  Followed my a good week of fitness challenges.  Swimming and crossfit.  Tough week to say the least.

Monday 25 Feb
0515-0600 Crossfit Power clean/burpees
1600-1700 3k Swim medley trg / Active Recovery

Tuesday 26 Feb
0515-0600 Crossfit Endurance
1900-2000 Spin Standing Climb trg

Wednesday 27 Feb
1830-2000 10k Run w Drill & Tempo trg

Thursday 28 Feb
0515-0600 Crossfit 

Friday 1 Mar
Drive home (13hrs)

Sat 2 & Sun 3 Mar - OFF

Monday 4 Mar
1200-1300 3k Swim Active Recovery
1600-1730 Spin Z3 trg

Olympian Bear (Sports Challenges)

Tuesday 5 Mar
0900-1000 Crossfit WOD Challenge
1400-1600 Bike/run (first outdoor ride of the year)

Wednesday 6 Mar
0530-0630 Spin Z3 trg Modify min of hell
1000-1030 / 1300-1330 Swim Competition
1400-1500 Crossfit WOD Challenge

Thursday 7 Mar
0900-1000 Crossfit WOD Challenge
1000-1100 Swim Competition

Friday 8 Mar
0530-0630 Spin HST88
0800-0900 Crossfit WOD Challenge

Sat 9 & Sun 10 Mar - OFF

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