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Monday, March 18, 2013


I grew up as a swimmer/triathlete so I never had any problem to perform a flip-turn, I could do then pretty much all day long, but some triathlete gets very intimidated by them.  There is truly no reasons why.  Lots of questions and need of practice for sure and also maybe a lot of statement suggesting that you don't need them to become a fast swimmer, but I will break that myth.

A flip-turn is a necessity, its basically one of the first things your kids will learn once they are capable to swim.  They will learn to tumble unassisted.  So why if your kids have no problem learning them, should you?  If you practice your turns every day or swim practice, you will be able to perform a flip-turn within one week or two.  Then it might take you few more to be good at them and by the end of the season you will be great.  So good you wont have to think about it anymore.  But to accomplish that you need to stick to it and apply yourself.

There is some excuses I often hear from the same people that tell me they wish they could swim as fast as me.  Lets address them; I get out of breath or its a good time to rest and take a breath. With practice the flip-turn will become very easy, use less energy and be way more efficient, if you feel that you need to improve your breathing, perhaps have you heard of Hypoxic training?  If you did, well great, in your case a flip-turn could be your progression of that training, you will train your lungs to push them self and you will improve your overall triathlon performances.  Perhaps you think that you have few second to look at the clock and see your pace?  Well if you were running or biking up hill, you wouldn't stop to look at your watch or bike cpu, you would push until you crest the hill, pick up the pace and gain your momentum back.  Plus think about this, a flip-turn is like a continuous move that utilize your speed and bounce back from the wall, you use almost no energy what so ever to make them.  But if you do an open turn, its like doing a full range squats.  There is 20 turns in 500 m, multiple that to what ever distance you do in a practice, you will see how many squats your do in that practice, then go on the side line and to them consecutively and feel them to see how hard it is.

Next; I get water in my nose.  That one is easy, buy a nose plug, learn to make bubble or simply deal with it, your in water, you will get water everywhere.

Finally; I am scared to bump my head or heels.  Well let me tell you, i got hit my a car while riding before, i'm scared of being hit again but it doesn't stop me from riding, would you?

Some triathlete often suggest that they don't need to have a flip-turn because there is no walls in the race, but they still look to get better in the water.  Well I tell them that if do had a flip-turn they would be able to swim more in every practice.  SO WHAT?  They say, well if you can only swim 2 km in a practice, and you learn to do a flip-turn, since its faster, now you can swim 2,5 km per.  Now let's say you swim 3 times a week for a full season of 48 weeks.  Well its a 72 km more at the end of the year which is the equivalent of 12 weeks the way they do it.

Some of them bring back the; well now they slow me down.  I always ask them if they plan to die this summer because if they didn't, that means they could compete in triathlon for the next 50 to 60 years.
My suggestion to you, find a master swim team  you will definitely have help or more lifeguard knows how to flip-turn, ask them.  If that's not an option, then look online and find some video to help you out.  Or check out this video!

So here it is, Flip-Turn in 5 steps
Step 1: Swim into the wall with one arm stretched out.
Step 2: Tuck your chin to your chest.
Step 3: Pull the outstretched arm to your hip.
Step 4: Throw your legs over your head.
Step 5: Plant feet on the wall and push off.

This week, Rival-us and I are now working, they help me with product and I represent there company, if you have questions, let me know.

This week's training...
Mon 11 March
0515-0530 Hips mobility
0530-0630 Spin "Thom"
0645-0800 Crossfit OVS trg
0900-1000 2k Swim sprint from mid pool trg
1500-1600 Mobility trg & Stretching

Tues 12 March
0800-0900 3k Swim Active Recovery
0900-1000 Core Trg
1445-1630 Run "Peterson's Ghost"

Wed 13 March
0530-0630 Spin 4xTabata trg
0630-0700 Roller work to lower body
0800-0900 3k Swim mid distance intensity trg
0900-1000 Mobility WOD
1545-1700 Crossfit WOD

Thurs 14 March
0800-0900 2k Swim Active Recovery (Drills & IM tech)
0900-0930 Short Core trg
1500-1600 8k Run Active Recovery

Fri 15 March
0530-0630 Spin Seated/Standing climb trg
0800-0900 3k Swim T23 = 1725m
1500-1600 Crossfit WOD

Sat 16 March
0630-0700 Mobility WOD/Stretching
0700-0900 Spin "Good things comes in 3's"
0915-1045 14k Run Dist Tempo trg
1100-1145 Mobility WOD shoudler & legs
1600-1700 2k Swim

Sun 17 March

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