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Sunday, February 09, 2014


For many year I have struggled with managing my training and travelling for work.  Maybe because of the nature of my career, juggling with both makes it even harder.  But with proper preparation and dedication I have figured it out and now I know what to do before departure.

Where to train

It is important that you find out as many details as possible, don’t let any stone unturned.  The most important to start with would be the location and the dates of your business trip.  Next, find out what physical facility are available nearby.  Is there a pool, running track and others.  Can you bring your bike and do you need a trainer?  If you can’t bring them, look for a Spinning gym.  There are many other style of indoor cycling, they don’t offer the same level of cycling knowledge but it’s not a problem, many of those gym offer open classes that you can come and do your own workout.

Personally what I do is, find all the pools and gym in a 10-20km radius, because I know I likely won’t have time to drive farther.  Then I look at what they offer for organized classes, Lane Swim, Yoga, Spin, Crossfit, Pilates, etc.  I look at all the option, even if I don’t think this will fit to my schedule, I highlight them anyway, you never know your schedule might change and you might be able to squeeze a short valuable workout.

Look for local sports team.  I do triathlon, so I look for tri team, swim team, cycling group and running team.  They also may have a good training schedule that you might be able to take part of.  Send them a quick line by email, you never know, they might invite you to train for free.  It’s all about how you ask and who you are too.  Usually the coach is a very good person to ask.

If I get injured

Next I look at health service in the area, by that I mean, physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor if you already see one and of course athletic therapist.  I’m only looking for those in case of problem, better be ready, you never know.  If you research those prior, you can always see what people are saying about them and pick a physician you believe would have the best results with you.

When I get hungry

Eating right is very important, most of us are following a eating habit very streaked, so your guess is right, you have to look for restaurants and grocery stores that will offer food you can eat.  But if you have the possibility to pick where you stay, you should choose a hotel room with a kitchenette.  That will solve most of your problem.  Personally I eat gluten free food, it’s a planning nightmare, but I make it work.  The important is to stay as close as possible as you can to your normal habit so you don’t get an unfortunate surprise once you return home with a gain of weight.

If you use supplements like protein bars and powder, multivitamins, etc.  You have the choice to bring enough for the whole trip or once again, locate the place you can find the brand you are already using.  When come to supplements, it’s even more important to stick to what you are using if possible so you do get digesting issue.  Plus there is so many brand out there, you will spend hours just trying to find something as close as possible to what you want.


If you are lucky and you can drive there, your only limited to the space in your vehicle, if you have a small vehicle and need to bring people with you, you can also rent a bigger vehicle for the time you are away.  Rentals are getting cheaper every year.

If you are flying, well this come with challenges.  Some company makes you pay for every piece of luggage’s and has special cost of specific items like a bicycle.  Inform yourself before you get to the airport because it could cost you a little fortune.

Social Network

Use them to inform yourself on any of the subject above, people loves to give their opinion, sometime too much, but regardless it’s good to know and they might open your eyes on thing you didn’t think of and they might invite you to join them which makes everything easier for you.

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