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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My last business trip

Put aside the fact that I always dislike going away from my family for extended period of time, this last business trip was not like the others.  Just like most of them I had to face adversities but mostly had good time and was surrounded by great people that helped me greatly.

So where to start?  What about D-1, the day before my report time to Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden I raced a Half Marathon, at the Winterman of Ottawa.  The course was winding, it was very wind and cold, but I managed to do my Personal Best (PB) by more than 2 minutes which is pretty inseam since I was wearing so much cloths and my intent was not to beat my time, it was a training race in an effort to build confidence and momentum for the start of the season.  I didn’t expect anything, I just wanted to enjoy the run, nothing more, but I return home with excitement.  What a great way to start the season, right?

After the race, my wife and I had to go get our beautiful daughter then drive home to Kingston, following to that I had to drive to CFB Borden and get my room.  The drive was long but enjoyable.  Had good music, and there wasn’t traffic.  Once I got there my Sister In Law was there to help me out finding my building and unloading all me stuff.  Thank you Kimberly Stewart.

I had to change my training schedule a little in order to keep good friendship with the roommate who didn’t really appreciate my getting up at 4:00AM to go for a run, or to prep for a swim with mobility exercises.  But ultimately it was ok, I had to sleep in (till 5:00AM) instead.  It not much you say, but after 3 weeks away, it’s a pretty big deal.

Few days into this trip, my sister in law was graduating from culinary school, although I missed the grad parade, I still managed to enjoy a great lunch after.  The fun part was that my wife, kid and her parents were there too.  My course staff had knowledge of them being in town so they let me go with them and return whenever we were done, which was great.
When I arrived in Borden, I had a bothering issue with my Achilles tendon which was making me worry a little bit.  I had some symptoms resembling to Achilles Tendonitis, but thanks to my friend Georgette Mink, who happen to be the fastest CF Runner and an awesome Physiotherapist on that base.  She help me by giving me multiple exercises and drills to do to prevent it from getting worst.  At this point, even if I still work on it, I barely feel anything anymore.  Thank you very much Georgette.

With great friends
My adoptive family in Borden, during my stay in there, my great friend Eric Thibault, his wife Valerie Savard and his three kids adopted me…  They were so great, they invited me for many dinner and few training session, which made for a great atmosphere to train in.  My friend Eric, two years ago was the man behind me when I crashed on the metal bridge, when my front wheel got stock and I flew off the bike.  He was the first person on site administering first aid.  So being reunited with him for couple of week really met a lot to me.  The opportunity to actually say thank you face to face was great.  Thibault’s family, I am looking forward to have you over this summer and my thanks for everything you have done to help me those few weeks.

Greatest time at Ann Green Yoga studio
Few days after I arrived, I located a Yoga Class being given on Base my Yoga Instructor Amanda, she was very good, but since I had lots of time in my hands I thought I could perhaps do more Yoga n order to enhance my flexibility and strength.  So Amanda suggested I joint a great yoga studio call AnnGreenYoga.  It was a great idea, I ended up spending my Saturday morning there do two classes, the Sunrise Yoga class was an amazing experience taught by Jeff, a great instructor that truly find the best way to get people up on a weekend morning.  Then I would do a Hot Lava Yoga taught by Amanda, she was extremely energetic, and inspiring.  Finally I managed to make it to one class held by the owner Ann Green herself, her Juice Flow with Ann was a fascinating, a class filled from surprises, happiness.  This class was a complete stress relief, I had a smile on my face that is still present almost two weeks later.  Thank you to all you guys.

Collingwood Swim Team
Near the end of my trip, Valerie Savard and her coworker gave me an opportunity of a life time.  They brought me to Collingwood Swim Team and asked me to talk with the swimmers there, it had been a while since I was a guest speaker to kids and teenagers, those girls and guys were amazing, and very welcoming.  They had good questions that made me think before I had to answer.  I enjoyed the experience and hope to be able to do it again.

About the course I was one.  Without going into details, it was refreshing to actually learn things for once, most of the course I have taken in the last 4 years were more to see if I could use that knowledge, but this course I actually learn things and feel like I wanna know more and hope to get on the follow-on courses.  Thanks to the school staff.

The drive back was good and fast, following the traffic, I made it back in a little less than 3 hours which is pretty good and I was reunited with my family in early afternoon.

In conclusion – if all the trip could be like this one life would be always fun, and almost stress free.

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