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Sunday, March 22, 2015


We are now almost 2 months later when the Canadian CISM Swimming has returned from Fontainebleau, France and the dust just started to settle down.  It has been a very busy journey filled with work, training and racing.

At the end of January the Canadian CISM Swimming team and I went to France to compete in the World Military Swimming Championship which resulted in the best outcome for our team in its history.

I had just returned to the team after few years filled with work commitment and injuries that held me back from being at my best and be ready to race at this level.  But my return was great.  I managed to get two bronze medal of my own and another one in the relay.  But the amazing this is the results of the team together.  Here it is:

MS Doug Young - CFB Halifax
Silver medal in 50m breast
Silver in 100m medley
Silver in 100m Breast

Sgt Marc Prud'homme - 21EW Sqn Kingston/RCR
Bronze in 50m Back
Bronze in 100m medley

Men's team
Bronze - 4x100m FS relay (Members)
MS Doug Young - CFB Halifax
Sgt Marc Prud'homme - 21EW Sqn Kingston/RCR
Slt Nicolas Lightbody - CFNES Halifax
Capt Dugald Thomsom - Trinity Halifax

LS Marlee Palmer - HMCS Nonsuch, Edmonton
Bronze in 200m Breast

Capt Jacinda Smith - 407 Sqn Comox
Bronze in 200m FS

Women's team
Bronze - 4x200m FS Relay
Bronze - 4x100m FS Relay (Members)
LS Marlee Palmer - HMCS Nonsuch, Edmonton
Capt Serena Palmer - WOps Greenwood
SLt Emily Wood - HMCS Calgary, Esquimalt
Capt Jacinda Smith - 407 Sqn Comox

Total of 10 medals - plus a number of 4ths, 5ths etc., and Personal Bests.

Congratulations to all of our athletes.

Since I returned from France I had to work on the final prep of my unit's Winter Warfare training, deploy to this field exercise and run the exercise.  On its own, was a great challenge that I will remember as one of the best exercise I have taken part of since I arrived to this unit.

I returned to Kingston, tired but happy.  But not rest for the wicked, lets get packed and go to Florida for an ITU Triathlon race.